First-of-its-kind Surgery Program Leads to One-Month Reduction in Recovery Time and Dramatic Lowering of Post-Surgery Painkiller Use

First-of-its-kind Surgery Program Leads to One-Month Reduction in Recovery Time and Dramatic Lowering of Post-Surgery Painkiller Use

March 5, 2020 (Austin, TX) – Goldfinch Health has released the first results from its innovative surgery navigation and care management program. Participating patients saved 34 days, on average, in post-surgery recovery, when compared to a national benchmark. Further, nearly 80% of Goldfinch patients required no opioid painkillers post-discharge. U.S. studies show three out of four patients, on average, use opioids after surgery.

“Even I was surprised by the magnitude of the benefits,” said John Greenwood, Goldfinch Health Chief Operating Officer. “With advances in technology and knowledge, for many, surgery can be a relatively minor event in 2020, not the life-changing event it once was.”

The Advanced Surgical Pathways central to the Goldfinch experience—known as Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) in the medical field—have been studied for over a decade. The benefits include shorter hospital stays, fewer surgical complications, reduced need for opioid painkillers, faster recovery and financial savings. Despite the evidence, this approach to surgery remains sporadically adopted by healthcare providers and difficult to find for patients. In a 2019 survey, just 5% of surgeons performing outpatient procedures expressed they had adopted ERAS or planned to do so in the next year.

“This program has the potential to transform how our society looks at surgery and recovery,” said Mario Leyba, MD, Goldfinch Health Chief Medical Officer.

Patient satisfaction joins saved recovery time and reduced opioid use as a third outcome tracked in the program. Every participating patient has responded with a “9” or “10” when asked if they would be willing to recommend the program to a family member or friend. One patient expressed her appreciation for the program beyond the numbers.

“I felt less alone knowing I could talk to a knowledgeable practitioner, if necessary. Thank you for going above and beyond to provide continued care during the most crucial part of my recovery.”

Goldfinch Health is reimagining surgery and the recovery that follows through a unique combination of nurse navigation, patient engagement technology and clinically-validated surgical protocols. The company seeks to help patients recover better after surgery, avoid opioids and get back to their lives as soon as possible.

The pilot program is ongoing. Updated results will be made available here:

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Goldfinch Health ( helps companies save money by empowering employees to better navigate surgery and recovery. Through the power of Advanced Surgical Pathways and expert nurse care guidance, Goldfinch aims to reduce the nearly $40 billion American companies lose each year due to under-informed surgical decisions and poorly-managed recovery. In addition, Goldfinch offers a novel, proactive solution to address the opioid epidemic and has demonstrated a dramatic reduction in post-surgical opioid painkiller use.