Goldfinch Health Raises $1.4 million in Round Led by BrokerTech Ventures

Goldfinch Health Raises $1.4 million in Round Led by BrokerTech Ventures

March 3, 2021 – Goldfinch Health, the industry leader in surgery and recovery navigation, today announced successful completion of its $1.4 million seed investment round. BrokerTech Ventures (BTV), a group made up of 13 of the most innovative insurance agencies in the U.S. and 11 top-tier insurance companies, led the round. Goldfinch participated in BTV’s first accelerator program cohort in 2020.

“Goldfinch represents a pinnacle example of the power of marrying collaborative insurance agencies and companies, with bleeding edge insurtech innovation, and backing it with capital to further fuel growth,” shares Dan Keough, Chairman & CEO of Holmes Murphy and Co-CEO of BrokerTech Ventures. “We were able to work with Goldfinch to further expand their clinical and business use-case through pilots and proof-of-concepts in both the benefits and commercial insurance space. We see great potential and believe this capital infusion will further propel Goldfinch’s success.”

Proceeds of the fundraising will be deployed to further advance the company as it serves enterprise customers. The investment comes at a time of national growth for Goldfinch’s surgery and recovery optimization platform. Marketed to employers, disability insurers, workers compensation programs, and health plans, the Goldfinch program finds its clinical foundation in opioid-sparing Enhanced Recovery care pathways.

Backed by proprietary technology, Goldfinch nurse navigators help members find surgery and recovery experiences based on widely-validated but under-utilized care protocols with the goal to help people return to their lives sooner after procedures.

“Our involvement with the BrokerTech Ventures program revolutionized Goldfinch Health,” said Brand Newland, CEO and Cofounder. “Working with BTV, we quickly found supporters, mentors, and advocates within this unique group of industry leaders. And with our recent fundraising efforts, we could not have asked for a more strategic and collaborative partner than BrokerTech Ventures and its participating agencies.”

About BrokerTech Ventures

Based in the insurance nucleus of Des Moines, Iowa, BrokerTech Ventures (BTV) is the first broker-led convening platform focused on delivering innovation to the insurance broker industry. Founded in 2019, BTV provides a venue for the best minds in insurance and technology to collaborate and bring to market leading-edge ideas and solutions. BTV invests in the research and testing for each of the chosen startups, provides access to veteran industry mentors, and helps scale the technology to market through broker distribution channels. Learn more at, or follow us on Twitter (@BrokerTechVen), LinkedIn, or Facebook.

About Goldfinch Health 

Goldfinch Health ( optimizes the surgery and recovery experience within existing health insurance networks, saving companies and employees time, money and addiction. Through the power of Enhanced Surgical Pathways and expert nurse care guidance, Goldfinch aims to reduce the nearly $40 billion American companies lose each year due to unnecessarily-invasive surgery and recovery. In addition, Goldfinch offers a novel, proactive solution to address the opioid epidemic and has demonstrated a reduction in post-surgical opioid painkiller use by up to 90%.

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