Graham Company and Goldfinch Health Announce Partnership

Graham Company and Goldfinch Health Announce Partnership to Minimize Post-Surgical Costs and Opioid Use

Partnership will allow Graham Company’s employee benefits clients with self-funded health plans to transform the surgery process for employees and enhance recovery.

Philadelphia, PA, March 9, 2021 – Graham Company, one of the country’s largest insurance brokerages, today announced a new partnership with Goldfinch Health, a national leader in surgery quality and opioid-sparing approaches. For clients within Graham’s employee benefits division, the partnership will provide self-insured companies with the option to offer Goldfinch’s innovative program to employees who are undergoing surgical procedures. The program is aimed at improving the overall quality and experience of surgery while also reducing costly surgical complications, hospital readmissions and risks associated with opioid addiction post-surgery. With escalating health care costs and nationwide concerns about the opioid crisis, Goldfinch’s program is targeted specifically to address these challenges.

“Our Employee Benefits team is constantly looking for ways to push the envelope and identify benefits strategies that will help clients control costs while still providing competitive options that ultimately satisfy their employees’ health care needs,” said John Baxter, Graham Company’s Senior Vice President of Employee Benefits. “Goldfinch’s program is unique because it tackles several challenges at once by controlling health care costs, helping employees navigate daunting surgical procedures and assisting with post-surgery recovery.”

Working within existing health insurance networks, Goldfinch’s services can be applied to any surgery, including cancer, musculoskeletal and women’s health. When an employee or plan member requires surgery, Goldfinch’s Nurse Navigators support the individual in selecting a health care provider and prepare them for surgery. In addition, the Navigators advocate for opioid-sparing Enhanced Recovery protocols and assist the individual through post-surgery pain and healing. Through this process, the individual may be better positioned to return to normal life more efficiently.

“Surgery can be intimidating and anxiety-inducing for many people, despite the best efforts by physicians, nurses and medical staff to help minimize these feelings. The unfortunate reality is that patients often feel isolated leading up to a procedure and throughout their recovery,” said Brand Newland, PharmD, MBA, CEO of Goldfinch Health. “At Goldfinch, our goal is to enhance the experience of surgery and help patients get back to their daily lives as soon as possible. We look forward to bringing this service to Graham’s employee benefits clients.”

According to Goldfinch, individuals leveraging the company’s programs return to work, on average, 34 days faster than the national benchmark. Goldfinch patients also use 50% fewer opioid painkillers post-operatively than the national average, while nearly 80% of patients use no opioids at all after surgery.

Graham Company and Goldfinch Health are connected through BrokerTech Ventures, the first broker-led convening platform and accelerator program focused on delivering innovation to the insurance broker industry. Graham serves as an investor owner in BrokerTech Ventures, while Goldfinch participated in the accelerator program.

About Graham Company

Graham Company is one of the largest insurance and employee benefits brokers in the country, committed to enhancing employee safety and business viability through an action-oriented approach to risk management. In business for more than 60 years, Graham Company designs customized and effective property and casualty, surety and employee benefits programs for its clients to protect employees and prevent losses. With offices in Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, DC, Graham Company became 100% employee-owned through an employee stock ownership plan in 2017. Through its innovative insurance and safety training programs, Graham Company is redefining what it means to be an insurance broker. To learn more, visit


About Goldfinch Health

Goldfinch Health ( optimizes the surgery and recovery experience within existing health insurance networks, saving companies and employees time, money and addiction. Through the power of Enhanced Surgical Pathways and expert nurse care guidance, Goldfinch aims to reduce the nearly $40 billion American companies lose each year due to unnecessarily-invasive surgery and recovery. In addition, Goldfinch offers a novel, proactive solution to address the opioid epidemic and has demonstrated a reduction in post-surgical opioid painkiller use by up to 90%.

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