Hager Announces Results of Initiative to Eliminate Invasive Surgery for Employees

Hager Announces Results of Initiative to Eliminate Invasive Surgery for Employees

In partnership with Goldfinch Health, Hager employees find 3-week faster post-surgery recovery with significantly reduced opioid painkiller exposure

February 24, 2021 – Hager Companies has announced results from the first six months of a program designed to eliminate suboptimal surgery and recovery experiences for its employees. Company employees, when supported by Goldfinch Health, have returned to their lives and work 22 days faster, on average, than the national benchmark for their procedures. Employees report dramatically lower opioid painkiller use as well.

“Goldfinch is proactive and reaches out before our employee says they have to have surgery,” said Lisa Filkins, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Talent Development at Hager Companies. “It is a proactive way to reduce healthcare spend overall and do it in a caring, kind manner that takes care of the employees. This is the best program I have seen in my 25 years in HR. When comparing the Goldfinch program to others available, there’s no comparison.”

Nurse navigation drives the Goldfinch experience, supporting employees in need of surgery each step along the way in preparing for a procedure, recovering after surgery, and returning to work. Backed by a proprietary technology platform, Goldfinch nurse navigators help employees find a surgery and recovery experience based on widely-validated but under-utilized Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) care protocols.

Zachary Mills, a Hager employee who recently participated in the Goldfinch program, described his experience after surgery.

“Everything I’ve been through is something that people read in a book or see on TV and I don’t think anybody believes that I can be standing here the way I am so quickly. And I honestly have to attribute that to the program my employer gave me, and that’s Goldfinch,” Mills said. “I wouldn’t be where I am without their help. It would have been a much longer process. I wouldn’t be feeling the way I feel now. I wouldn’t have the confidence to talk the way I am talking now. And I certainly wouldn’t be doing the work I am doing.”

About Hager Companies

Founded in 1849, St. Louis-based Hager Companies offers more than 6,000 full-line quality door hardware products under one brand name. With 12 product lines including, commercial and residential hinges, two types of continuous hinges, trim, threshold and weatherstripping, sliding door hardware, locks, door controls, exit devices, access control products and Euroline our European hardware line. Hager focuses on architectural hardware that exceeds today’s building standards that are built to last. For additional information, visit www.hagerco.com.

About Goldfinch Health 

Goldfinch Health (www.goldfinchhealth.com) optimizes the surgery and recovery experience within existing health insurance networks, saving companies and employees time, money and addiction. Through the power of Enhanced Surgical Pathways and expert nurse care guidance, Goldfinch aims to reduce the nearly $40 billion American companies lose each year due to unnecessarily-invasive surgery and recovery. In addition, Goldfinch offers a novel, proactive solution to address the opioid epidemic and has demonstrated a reduction in post-surgical opioid painkiller use by up to 90%.

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