How much is suboptimal surgery costing you?

More than you think.

Surgery is costly and invasive.

95% of surgical experiences more costly and invasive than necessary. This suboptimal surgery and recovery leads to long hospital stays, readmissions, complications and persistent opioid use.

Enhanced Surgical Pathways have been shown to reduce costs by


per patient.

The Goldfinch Surgery Experience

A clinically-validated, telehealth concierge service that helps members find the best possible experience in surgery and recovery.

Compassionate Care

Nurse Navigators meeting members on their terms, helping them to prepare for and recovery from a wide range of procedures (MSK, women’s health, cancer care and others).

Leading Expertise

Unique expertise and practical member engagement at the intersection of clinical advocacy, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols, opioid-sparing strategies and technology to drive better outcomes from surgery and recovery.

Clinical Evidence

With over 20+ years of study and 4,000+ journal articles backing their effectiveness, Enhanced Surgical Pathways represent the greatest surgery breakthrough in decades.

Perspectives on the Goldfinch Experience

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