The results are in!

Goldfinch Health has partnered with leading physicians to conduct a multi-center pilot program for its surgery navigation and care management program.

Outcomes related to saved days of recovery time, avoided opioid use and patient experience appear below.

*The procedures covered represent the most common surgeries in working-age adults in the US, including:  cholecystectomy, cancer excision, hip/knee replacement, hernia repair and hysterectomy.

Get back to life (and work) faster after surgery

On average, Goldfinch members recover 34 days faster than the national average. Save your vacation days for an actual vacation!

 “I do believe you are adding a very much needed service to so many aspects of the entire healthcare and surgery process before, during, and after! Many points scored on the customer service realm. Exceeding patients expectations is obviously near and dear to your work and passion.”

-Jim, Goldfinch member

Drop the opioid painkillers

And all of the side effects that come with them, including the risk of addiction. The Goldfinch program dramatically reduces the need for opioids.
Percent of patients using opioids
Post-op opioid doses used (median)


Status Quo patients*


Goldfinch Health patients

*Howard R, Fry B, Gunaseelan V, et al. Association of Opioid Prescribing With Opioid Consumption After Surgery in Michigan. JAMA Surg. 2019;154(1):e184234. doi:10.1001/jamasurg.2018.4234

“I felt less alone knowing I could talk to a knowledgeable practitioner, if necessary. Thank you for going above and beyond to provide continued care during the most crucial part of my recovery.”

-Emily, Goldfinch member

Healthier patients means happier patients

Goldfinch members approach surgery and the recovery that follows with confidence and peace of mind.


of pilot patients have rated their physician 10/10


of pilot patients, when asked if they would recommend the Goldfinch program to a family member or friend, have responded with a “9” or “10”

The status quo in surgery isn’t good enough

It costs us days away from normal life (including work). And it costs us unneeded opioid painkiller use.

Let’s do better. Together.