A clinically-validated revolution in surgery

Enhanced Surgical Journeys

Outdated Surgery - The Status Quo


surgeries in the United States annually


use enhanced protocols


in wasted labor costs

Most surgeries today look just like they would have in the 1980s. Invasive techniques, lacking pre-surgery optimization, and opioid-based pain management remain the status quo. Outdated surgery costs companies and their employees/members time and money.

Goldfinch Enhanced Surgical Journeys

Our approach makes surgery forgettable.

Calendar Cut recovery/Return to Work (RTW) days by half

Calendar Reduce opioid painkiller use by 90%

Enhanced Recovery
Around Surgery 

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Pre-surgery education and nutritional prep

Through education, support and advocacy, we empower the member and reduce stress heading into a stressful event--surgery and recovery. Nutrition is a critical factor when it comes to achieving the best outcomes and reducing recovery time. Improvement from the status quo often includes a reduced fasting time before surgery, a change to protocol which is supported widely by clinical studies and professional guidelines. 


Non-opioid pain management 

Strategic use of multiple non-addictive, non-opioid pain medications holds the key to surgical experiences that require very few, if any, opioid painkillers. When done best, this "multimodal" approach begins before surgery. Get ahead of the pain and stay ahead of the pain. A straightforward solution to a complex issue.


Minimally invasive surgery 

Laparoscopic/arthroscopic and robotic-assisted surgery (and other advanced techniques) — preferred in most procedures today — reduce trauma to the member's body and reduce the likelihood of complications and extended recovery time.  

There’s a better way.

Goldfinch Nurse Navigation

A trusted approach to healthcare navigation for surgical patients

No one should go through surgery alone

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With you every step of the way

Goldfinch Nurse Navigators work with members to understand the path to surgery, clarify their goals, and tailor plans to support them through a critical time. They also discuss surgical options available to members and assist with expectation setting for both surgery and recovery.

Assistance finding opioid-sparing
in-network surgeons

Finding a great surgeon is key to a successful surgery, and your Nurse Navigator knows how to locate the right surgeon within your network. This will ensure the patient has the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques available as well as a doctor who advocates for ERAS protocols.


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Advocacy before surgery

Information is power, and Nurse Navigators provide patients with the Enhanced Surgical Journey’s Checklist. They also advocate for their patient’s tailored nutrition plan and proactive pain management. At times, this means working exclusively with the patient. At other times, with the patient's permission, the Goldfinch Nurse Navigator reaches out for pre-surgery planning and care plan coordination and customization directly with the surgical team.

Daily follow up and outreach

After surgery, the Nurse Navigator works with the patient on a daily basis to assess pain, medication use, wound healing and recovery of activities. This encourages healing, catches any potential issues early, and sets the member on course for the best recovery possible.


24/7 communication available through the Goldfinch Health app

Pre-surgery and post-surgery, members can access educational materials and key resources through a user-friendly app. After surgery, the app enables members and Nurse Navigators to communicate securely regarding recovery, pain management, Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMs) and any complications early in the process.

The Goldfinch Guarantee

Goldfinch takes accountability seriously. If we don’t demonstrate savings at least equal to your investment in the program, you’re due a refund.