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Women need health navigators

Move Women’s Surgeries Out of the 19th Century with Health Navigators

Would you accept using the same technology in place in 1843 for well, anything? I wouldn’t. So it makes me wonder why so many physicians continue to use invasive approaches to that date to that period. Having a health navigator or a patient advocate service on your side as you go through this life-changing procedure…

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employee benefit strategies

Opioids, Women & Employee Benefit Strategies

You won’t find the face of the opioid crisis in an unemployed 28 year-old man; it’s an employed and insured 52 year-old woman. And that can be helped with the right employee benefit strategies. How Much Is Outdated Surgery Costing Your Company? Find out now.  That means employers could bring an end to this era.…

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A 19th Century Physician & 21st Century Healthcare

What a 19th Century Physician Can Teach Us About 21st Century Healthcare While excitement and optimism largely define a trip to the hospital for the delivery of a new baby today, a different emotion accompanied a visit to an 1840’s maternity ward. Fear. At that time, one in ten mothers would die before she left…

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