The Goldfinch Experience

Member Perspective

Outdated Surgery


Goldfinch Surgery

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Minimal to no guidance through procedure; member does not know where to turn for expertise and support

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Nurse navigator guides process and
answers questions and concerns

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Take a chance with referral from friend or the internet

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Support and advocacy with surgeon to ensure the most clinically-advanced treatment plan

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12+ hour of fasting before surgery

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Patient-centered, nutritional prep presurgery

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No presurgery
pain management

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Collaboratively planning for pain and pain management before it happens, with a level head

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Addictive opioid painkiller-based
pain management

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Updated pain management approaches
with little to no opioids required


Invasive and outdated
surgical techniques

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Most advanced surgical techniques

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Little to no follow-up from surgeon


Regular follow-ups from nurse

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Unnecessarily long, painful, expensive recovery

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Faster return to family, passions, work, and everything else life has to offer

Goldfinch Enhanced Surgical Journeys

A clinically-validated health navigation approach to surgery that delivers the best possible experience from pre- to post-operative life and beyond.