How much is suboptimal surgery costing your company?

More than you think.

Surgery is costly.

While the dollar figures on the surgery bill can be large, lengthy recovery, extended disability and related productivity and employee engagement costs loom even larger.

Each year, US employers waste

$38 billion

in labor costs alone,
due to suboptimal surgery.

The Goldfinch Surgery Experience

Access to Enhanced Surgical Pathways

Access to Enhanced Surgical Pathways fast-tracks your employees to recovery, minimizes the need for opioids and lowers the risk of infection and reoperation.

Guidance from a Goldfinch Nurse Navigator

Guidance from a Goldfinch Nurse Navigator safeguards that there are NO “I wish I had knowns” throughout the surgery and recovery process.

Focus on Patient Outcomes That Matter

Saved Days in returning your people to work and life is our primary metric of success.

The Goldfinch Guarantee

Guaranteed ROI

Goldfinch takes accountability for results. If we don’t demonstrate savings at least equal to your investment in the program, you’re due a refund.

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