Preparing for Surgery When You Have a History of Opioid Use Disorder Can Be Challenging; Here’s What You Need to Know

Every patient approaching surgery should be concerned about persistent opioid use, Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), addiction, and leftover prescription medications. One group should have grave concerns—those patients who have a history of Substance Use Disorder (SUD). The Opioid Crisis has now raged on for over two decades. As a result, it is estimated over 20…

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Why Everyone Needs a Healthcare Navigator

When we buy a new home, prepare a tax return, or face a legal issue, we don’t think twice about finding an expert to help. When facing serious medical procedures, we trust the advice of our neighbor’s cousin and whatever we can find online. Can’t we do better? Especially when it comes to surgery, everyone…

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Surgery Quality Analysis & Blind Spots

Goldfinch Surgery Quality Analysis

Lowering healthcare costs while increasing surgery quality? Sounds impossible. But with the right insight into surgery quality and action, it’s entirely possible. To get your no-cost assessment, contact Goldfinch Health today! When it comes to providing the best in medical benefits, it’s easy to have blind spots to where those services could be improved. We…

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Trainwreck-Proofing & Cost Containment in Healthcare

cost containment in healthcare

Nearly everyone in employee benefits can immediately think of a case that made cost containment in healthcare impossible. Maybe they call it a high-cost claimant. Or perhaps they think of it as a trainwreck case. Protect your people. Protect your plans with Goldfinch Health. Find out how we make surgery forgettable. The patient faced a…

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Opioids, Women & Employee Benefit Strategies

employee benefit strategies

You won’t find the face of the opioid crisis in an unemployed 28 year-old man; it’s an employed and insured 52 year-old woman. And that can be helped with the right employee benefit strategies. How Much Is Outdated Surgery Costing Your Company? Find out now.  That means employers could bring an end to this era.…

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Demand 21st Century Surgery with Healthcare Advocacy

the door to healthcare advocy

It sounded like a miracle, but it wasn’t — it was a result of sound healthcare advocacy on behalf of a patient. One day after undergoing a colorectal operation to remove cancer, the patient was up and about and asking to go home. Don’t let your employees, your plans, or your patients suffer through second-rate surgeries.…

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The Risk of Costly Suboptimal Surgery Has Never Been Greater

The Risk of Suboptimal Surgery Has Never Been Greater (due to Covid-19) Thankfully, rays of sunlight have appeared through the darkness of the Covid-19 pandemic. As life returns to “normal,” healthcare no doubt will resume traditional patterns as well. This leaves business, employee benefits and human resource leaders facing critical questions, including: How do I…

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The Role of Employers in the Opioid Epidemic

Lake Wobegon and the Role of Employers in the Opioid Epidemic  Garrison Keillor of A Prairie Home Companion made famous a quaint place known as Lake Wobegon. In this fictional town it was claimed “all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average”.  Recently, what’s come to…

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