The Power of an ERAS Protocol Checklist

eras protocol checklist

Recently, I spoke with a physician leader championing the implementation of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS protocols) across an 11-hospital system. What is ERAS Protocol? The ERAS protocol emerged as a clinically-valid, patient-centric rethinking of the standard surgery experience 15-plus years ago. Over 4,000 articles have been published in the medical literature to support the…

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Demand 21st Century Surgery with Healthcare Advocacy

the door to healthcare advocy

It sounded like a miracle, but it wasn’t — it was a result of sound healthcare advocacy on behalf of a patient. One day after undergoing a colorectal operation to remove cancer, the patient was up and about and asking to go home. Don’t let your employees, your plans, or your patients suffer through second-rate surgeries.…

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Outpatient Surgery is Getting Attention from the Largest Players in Healthcare

Right patient, right place, right time, and right care is a mantra of appropriateness within healthcare. And increasingly when it comes to surgery, healthcare leaders believe “right place” means outpatient, especially in an ambulatory surgery center (ASC). UnitedHealth Group’s 2020 Sustainability Report included a 10-year goal to deliver 55% of outpatient surgeries and radiology services at…

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Finding Health Equity in Surgery and Recovery

Finding Health Equity in Surgery and Recovery Bias, both unintentional and intentional, contribute to differences in the quality of care received by patients in the United States. The consequences of these disparities can be catastrophic to patients and their families. A 2002 report to Congress –just as relevant today as it was 20 years ago—detailed…

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What VCRs and Outdated Surgery Instructions Have in Common

What VCRs and Outdated Surgery Instructions Have in Common By Mario Leyba, MD It seemed innocent enough. A pre-surgery instruction sheet handed to a Goldfinch patient several weeks ago, in advance of a procedure we eventually helped the patient to successfully navigate. If you’ve had surgery yourself—or seen a loved one go through it—you’ve probably…

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Asking the Right Questions is the First Step in Better Surgery

Asking the Right Questions is the First Step As we have worked with patients in helping them to find the best way through surgery and back to their lives, we continue to be reminded of the importance of being an informed patient. Informed patients understand: The need for surgery Alternatives to surgery, if any, and…

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