Goldfinch Health Announces Addition to Medical Advisory Team

Goldfinch Health Announces Addition to Medical Advisory Team

Dr. Bret Alvis, MD, joins board in role as Chief Anesthesia Officer

February 12, 2021 – Goldfinch Health welcomes Dr. Bret Alvis, MD, to its medical advisory team. Dr. Alvis, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, will serve in the role of Chief Anesthesia Officer for Goldfinch and advise the company on clinical and implementation advancements in Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS).

“ERAS has been demonstrated to reduce patients’ morbidities and improve outcomes,” said Dr. Alvis. “Goldfinch Health’s mission to make ERAS accessible to all patients is innovative and exciting. To date, global acceptance of ERAS outside of academia has been extremely limited, but with Goldfinch Health, universal use and acceptance can become a reality.”

Dr. Alvis joins the company at a time of national growth for its surgery and recovery optimization platform. Marketed to employers and insurers, the Goldfinch program finds its clinical foundation in opioid-sparing Enhanced Recovery care pathways. Backed by proprietary technology, Goldfinch nurse navigators help members find surgery and recovery experiences based on widely-validated but under-utilized care protocols with the goal to help people return to their lives sooner after procedures.

“Dr. Alvis brings a unique perspective to our team based on his work as an anesthesiologist in implementing ERAS and opioid-sparing pain management approaches,” said John Greenwood, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Goldfinch Health. “He’s a thought leader in medicine and we are ecstatic to have him join the team.”

About Goldfinch Health 

Goldfinch Health ( optimizes the surgery and recovery experience within existing health insurance networks, saving companies and employees time, money and addiction. Through the power of Enhanced Surgical Pathways and expert nurse care guidance, Goldfinch aims to reduce the nearly $40 billion American companies lose each year due to unnecessarily-invasive surgery and recovery. In addition, Goldfinch offers a novel, proactive solution to address the opioid epidemic and has demonstrated a reduction in post-surgical opioid painkiller use by up to 90%.

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