The Inspiration that Drives Goldfinch Health

Our Inspiration

Why Goldfinch Health? Why attempt to transform something as complex as the surgical experience?

This is why.

We’ve witnessed first-hand the vast difference between high-quality, advanced surgical experiences and lower-quality, outdated experiences.

We have watched family members and loved ones undergo unnecessarily-invasive procedures and long recoveries.

We have seen complications of the status quo, not the least of which is the growth of persistent opioid use into an epidemic.

We have also seen what appear to be miraculous recoveries from major surgeries. We have seen our family members up and about within hours of operations and home actively recovering within days.

Only we know it’s not a miracle at all. It’s science. And it’s compassion. It’s the benefit of a more collaborative, patient-centric approach. It’s the outcome of a modernized preparation for surgery, minimally-invasive techniques and all of the other components of Enhanced Surgical Pathways.

And we have thought, “Why isn’t this the standard?” and “Why do you have to know an insider to have a 21st century surgical experience?”

We are on a mission to transform surgery.

Because someone must.

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